Q&A with Eric Smith, author of Textual Healing

Eric Smith, author of Textual Healing – about a once-famous author who finds his former bestselling book in the sale bins of Barnes and Noble – talks about his book, John Cusack, and sugar gliders.


“The kind that stays with you, a clever line in a movie, a well-written anecdote in a book, a quip in a poem, and finally, finally I had a punch-line, a point, a meaning to the rambling.” – Thoughts on Textual Healing by Eric Smith

I tend to shy away from funny-romantic stories when it comes to books, mainly because the cookie-cutter formulas are getting rusty overtime: boy (or girl) with a crisis meets and falls in love with a girl (or boy) who becomes an inspiration for self-improvement, evil ex (or mother, or boss, or obsessed stalker) comes in … Continue reading

February giveaways: two books up for grabs!

First up: Kung Hei Fat Choi! According to Feng Shui, those born on the Year of the Horse are up for some bit of luck this year, which is why I’m feeling generous myself and giving away two books this month: paperback copies of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow … Continue reading