Review Policy

I would be more than happy to accept review copies of books, both new releases and forthcoming titles, as well as be contacted by publishers with regards to their catalogues and press releases. Unsolicited review copies are also more than welcome, and will also get reviewed. Though I am partial to literary fiction, short story collections and memoirs, I am willing to consider almost any other genre (except self-help and how-to books). Be assured that I will read and review complimentary copies sent my way. I don’t have much to do but bum around the house, anyway. Might as well spend the time reading, eh?

While The Wannabe Literati is where I try to make sense of what I read (which I fail to do so, more often than not) I do try to keep my reviews as positive, giving good to great feedback to books that I have enjoyed. If it happens that a certain book I read just doesn’t work for me, I’ll let it sit for a while and do a re-read – I happen to be partial when it comes to second chances.

All in all, there will be an eclectic mix of new titles and classic books, award winners and first-time published authors – it all depends, really, on my mood.

Contact me by emailing for comments, suggestions, violent reactions, general social niceties, or if you’re looking for someone to have a chitchat about books. Books may be sent to:

Pau F.
7652 Phase 3B Gamao Subd.,
Brgy. San Francisco, Panabo City
Davao del Norte, Philippines 8105

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