My Project 52

I rarely finish any of my personal projects, be it saving a couple bucks a day or losing the belly bulge; I just can’t seem to stick or follow through after a couple of tries. Then I thought of reading books as a personal yearly project, which was perfect for me since I love to read, and it’s the only thing I am willing to make time for, even on a very hectic day. So I started Project 52, wherein I read a book a week for the next 52 weeks of the year. Anything works, be it a biography, a book of poems, a collection of short stories, a novel, or even a graphic novel. By the end of the year, I may not be a penny richer or a pound thinner, but I’ve read 52  (or hopefully more!) books – some sad, funny, or even scary, but collectively wonderful.

[2010] [2011]


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