The Book Awards

See, I have a thing for lists and really good books, and they get together quite nicely as lists of award-winning books. In another desperate attempt in actually living up to the name of this blog that is The Wannabe Literati, I am making it my main project for 2011 to read books that have won major literary awards – a project so aptly called the Book Awards project. And while there are tons of book award-giving entities on every genre, continent, form and age out there, I’ve limited myself to the following (I try to be realistic with my goals):

Man Booker | Pulitzer | NBA | NBCC

LA Times | PEN Hemingway | PEN Faulkner | Ambassador

IMPAC Dublin | Orange Prize | NBA’s 5 Under 35 | Man Asian | Not the Booker

As always, I made myself go through the laborious task of consolidating all awards lists in a nifty spreadsheet which you can preview here. And if you want to join in on the fun of reading award-winning books and would like to use the spreadsheet to track your own progress, you can download a copy here. And lastly, in the spirit of comparing notes, you can always check up on which ones I’ve read here.

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