About Me

Hi, my name is Pauline. I am a twenty-something Journalism major who dabbles in a bit of creative writing when boredom strikes. I fancy myself a writer, ‘fancy’ being the operative word here because I get too emotionally caught up with an idea for a story that by the time I get around to writing it all down, the high of a really good story idea is long gone, and I am left with crippling melancholia for a struggling future as a writer with a very short attention span. Being born a Pisces makes me an escapist, a trait taken seriously by turning to books when everything else around me goes awry. I have a thing for lists, mainly because it’s the only semblance of organization I am capable of wielding in my complicated and unwieldy life. I hate fish, not that you needed to know that. I am currently working on my fictional memoir (whatever that means), among other things in my Attempts at Immortality desktop folder. It’s filled with drafts and ideas for novels, short stories, and skits. Nope, nobody’s read them besides me. Yet.

My mother named me after a character she read in a book. When I asked her about it in 2nd grade, for a homework on where our names came from, she couldn’t recall the book’s title or author – all she could remember was that the Pauline character in the book was a detective (or was the adventurous sort). It’s been a mystery to me ever since.

You can get in touch with me through email at thewannabeliterati(at)gmail(dot)com. I am also for hire as a freelance writer, just so you know.

PS. I have no idea if that snake in venomous or not.

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